Why work personality is rarely your real personality

C1P4NozWQAEeyUgSeveral years ago, when I still believed that the student organisation I joined had more authority than which biscuits to serve during academic seminars we had a training session with a guest lecturer. He did a great job, with his quizzically raised brow and wild gesticulation and, somewhere between it all, I heard about four basic personality types Continue reading


Soviet Story: happiness in times of Terror


Today I had one of those terrible moments, when you realise, in retrospect, how trivial the things you get upset over really are. Y’know, like when you feel like that kid in the supermarket, the one that’s writhing and screaming on the ground over brussels sprouts? Only I am¬†bawling over a cold apartment, creative crisis and my non-existent career.

I was visiting my grandma and she lapsed, yet again, into biographical stories about our long-dead relatives and I just let her. Why? Because I love whacky stories about the Soviet Union and how it was to live there. Seriously, most of that stuff is almost unimaginable now when we don’t have to queue for hours to get bananas or work for collective farms. But this is not my story, instead, it’s the one of Alma, my great-grandmother. Continue reading

Why a weird WordPress blog name is OK

Oh, trust me, I wanted something different. A lot of people want something different before they are confronted, head-on, with the option of paying for what they want and the opportunity of choosing something else and doing it for free.

I tried, alright. After typing “scribbles on life” with hope written all over my face, I was offered either “screwyou101” or “payup2017”, both of which sound like pyramid schemes to me.
A leer of glee appeared on my face: why not use plural? Scribbles on lives, why not? Continue reading