The Ladies’ Paradise, ch. 2

So, let’s pick up where we finished: Denise is totally stoked about applying for a job at “The Paradise”. So stoked, in fact, that she arrives too early and just weirds everyone out, except a young, shy man  who is also applying for a job Continue reading


The Ladies’ Paradise, ch. 1

gervex_cinq_heures_chez_paquinWho & When: The Ladies’ Paradise, or more widely known as Au Bonheur des Dames, was written by the French writer Émile Zola and published in 1883 as the eleventh novel in his twenty (braw, you serious?) novel series Les Rougon-Macquart. I used have zero clue about the prequels/sequels but this could just as well have been a stand-alone work for all it felt like.

Why this book is awesome: Nowadays the majority of us are used to being showered by clever ads and beautifully decorated clothes stores, but just imagine: what if you were a late-19th century woman? Continue reading